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Barry Beach stopped by the studio to talk about his trial, spending time in prison, and adjusting to life since being released last week.... This video is so gold for so many reasons. Watch the video above and tell us what your favorite line from the video is!

Relay for Life 2015 is THIS Friday at West High's track. There are a ton of activities planned including a movie and fireworks after...

As of June 20, it has been five years since the Father's Day Tornado of 2010. The brunt of the damage was isolated to...


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Guy Fieri
Get excited Super Bowl fans! Guy Fieri's ludicrous tailgate extravaganza is happening today. Having trouble trying to decide if this is the event for you? Ask yourself these questions; Do you...

It will come as no surprise to fans of Amy Schumer that she was voted “Class Comedian” — as revealed by this yearbook photo from South Side HS in Rockville Centre, LI. But classmate Stephen “Cannoli” Cannone, who shared that honor, says she was voted something else too: “Teacher's Worst Nightmare.” That doesn't show up...

Lucifer Monday, 9 p.m., Fox One of the early successes of the new TV season is Fox's “Lucifer,” the story of the devil himself, who has relocated from Hades to Los Angeles. Lucifer Morningstar acclimates easily, working with LAPD Detective Chloe Dancer (Lauren German) to solve crimes. This week, a football star turns to Lucifer...

Matt LeBlanc, Showtime Pre-Emmys Party
Week after week, Matt LeBlanc had no trouble bringing the laughs on NBC's unforgettable series Friends. In fact, playing the fan-favorite Joey Tribbiani for more than 230 episodes...


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