Ladies and gentlemen, we are faced with a growing problem in Billings. It is apparently addictive, which is scary for the entire population of our great city. I am talking about Big J’s obsession with taking shirtless selfies and posting them on social media. Not just one platform has been ambushed by Big J’s, but three of them. Twitter, Instagram, and now Facebook has been blinded by his desire to flaunt his naked torso.

Allow me to present to you the first selfie that made me realize he might have a problem. It was his second post ever on instragram. That’s not a good start to a new social media account.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 6.49.35 AM


Okay, sure whatever, no big deal. One shirtless selfie? That’s no big deal. This wasn’t his first offense though. Through more investigation, I found out that he had done a topless picture once before. In a tweet dated almost a whole year before the instagram account was created he posted a picture showing off his body wash from Old Spice. Yeah, just look at the offense below.


With no shirtless selfies in almost 3 years, we thought maybe he had been cured. That was until last night. At approximately 5:00pm, Big J took yet another shirtless selfie after his workout.


Is this strike three? Is there any kind of reform school or rehabilitation facility that will benefit Big J?





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