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Entertainment News

Listen to Ed Sheeran's New Version of "Perfect" With Andrea Bocelli

And here we thought Ed Sheeran's latest hit couldn't get any more perfect. As the clock stuck midnight on the East Coast, the Grammy winner decided to release a third version of... ...read more

Future of iconic studio in doubt after massive deal with Disney

The iconic Fox searchlights could soon be shut off for good. On Thursday, 21st Century Fox was purchased by Disney for $52.4 billion. One of the six major Hollywood studios — the one that gave the world “The Sound of Music,” “All About Eve,” “Star Wars” and “Avatar,” legendary stars such as Shirley Temple, Marilyn... ...read more

The Beyhive Is Buzzing About Destiny's Child Possibly Reuniting at the 2018 Coachella Music Festival

Attention Destiny's Child fans: Prepare to lose your breath! Even though the 2018 Coachella Music Festival may be four long months away, fans have been monitoring social media and... ...read more

Taylor Swift's Ex-Boyfriend Turned Her Into ''Quasimodo,'' BFF Todrick Hall Says

Todrick Hall acknowledges Taylor Swift is at the top of her game these days, but apparently that wasn't always the case. The pop star's longtime bestie and frequent collaborator... ...read more

Why comic-book fans are stoked about Disney’s $52B Fox deal

Welcome home, Magneto. Long time no see, Mystique. Disney's deal to buy the 20th Century Fox movie assets means the X-Men will be reunited with their Marvel comics pals like Captain America and Iron Man. In announcing the deal, Disney promised Magneto, Mystique and the rest of the X-Men would return to the Marvel Cinematic... ...read more

Justin Timberlake's Instagram Welcome to Will Smith Could Make Him Feel Like a Prince

Just call Justin Timberlake a member of the Instagram welcoming committee. For those who missed the big news, Will Smith surprised fans this morning when he created an Instagram... ...read more

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