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Entertainment News

Donald Trump is going to love the new Alec Baldwin movie

“I've never been so humiliated in all my life!” Alec Baldwin cries out in the middle of one of many clunky comedy scenes in his new star vehicle: He plays the title role in the animated movie “The Boss Baby.” Baldwin voices a bouncing bundle of business who arrives as a newborn wearing a suit...

At 75, comic Robert Klein finds praise hard to handle

“When I saw it, I was blown away and a little intimidated,” he says of “Robert Klein Still Can't Stop His Leg,” titled after the blues-singer shtick of his stand-up act. Directed by Marshall Fine, the doc includes a plethora of archival TV, movie and stage footage from Klein's 50-plus- year career — even home...

‘Zookeeper’s Wife’ shows what true courage is

The fate of a Warsaw zoo during the Nazi occupation might seem like a tiny historical footnote, but as director Niki Caro's handsome drama shows, the way people treat animals is a good indicator of how they'll treat human beings. “The Zookeeper's Wife,” based on a true story, is about a Polish woman who turned...

WWII directors were patriots; not so much today’s filmmakers

The great WWII film “Mrs. Miniver,” set in England during the Blitz, was well underway as the United States was weighing whether to join the war. The film, which would go on to sweep the 1943 Oscars, was conceived as propaganda to arouse sympathy for the plight of the British and inspire Americans to fight....

Why Sonny and Cher were nixed from the ‘Groundhog Day’ Broadway musical

Any doubts Danny Rubin had about his dream project were vanquished by Stephen Sondheim, who said “Groundhog Day” would make a good musical. That was in 2003. By then, Rubin and Harold Ramis' 1993 film was a classic, adored by rabbis, Buddhists and Bill Murray acolytes alike. Having the dean of Broadway voice an interest...

Today's Hoda Kotb Has the "Perfect" Day With Haley Joy and "Baby Whisperer" Maria Shriver

Hoda Kotb, Maria Shriver, Haley Joy
Just when we thought Hoda Kotb's life couldn't get any better, Maria Shriver enters the equation. As the Today show co-host continues her maternity leave, both mom and daughter...

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