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Community honors Coach John Barta's memory

It is not unusual for smiles to accompany sorrow when someone is dealing with cancer. Those who knew coach and teacher John Barta are going through that roller coaster of emotions right now. They describe him as a rock and a man who held his family, co-workers and students in the highest esteem. Darcie Tokar, said, "This is really tough. He was a really big part of our community." The last time many of coach John Barta's students connected with him was the last. He atte...

Early morning vandals target Billings homeowners

Several homes near the area of 13th Street and Parkhill Drive have been vandalized. Graphic pictures and language were spray-painted on garages, cars, mailboxes and other property early Thursday morning.

St. Vincent Healthcare aims to identify patients with mental health needs earlier

Armed with a recently awarded $500,000 federal grant, St. Vincent Healthcare will begin using licensed clinical social workers to augment its primary care services.

MT & WY lawmakers react to the GOP health care bill proposal

Lawmakers in Montana and Wyoming are talking about the proposed GOP health care bill.

Healthy ways to reduce stress

Deadlines, family commitments, and bills. Put it together and you can create a highly stressful stew.But, it's not necessarily a bad thing when stress builds... It's how you manage that stress that determines whether or not you are making healthy choices.

Read proposed GOP Health care Bill

GOP unveils proposed health care bill to replace Affordable Care Act.

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