Party Liveline!

Born in Wisconsin at a young age, Mason spent his whole life enjoying dairy, because that’s what people in Wisconsin do… Just kidding, he actually doesn’t like cheese that much. Mason is a music fanatic who discovered great radio at the age of 10, which led to him DJing weddings and various events for the largest entertainment company in the state. He landed his first job in radio at a Top 40 station in Appleton, WI after the Program Director discovered some podcasts and funny skits he posted online.

At age 16, Mason created his own internet Top 40 station where he developed multiple skills from music programming, social media and web design to actually hosting a live 5-hour show every Sunday night. Thousands of listeners from around the world were tuning in, leading to artist interviews and a monthly paycheck from advertisers. The channel ran 24/7 for nearly three years, all from his bedroom. Mason always believed that radio would only survive in the 21st century with live, interactive, content-driven excitement which most radio stations and streaming services don’t offer.

Mason’s life changed when he moved to Massachusetts in January 2020 to advance his career in radio, though it was the worst possible timing with COVID-19 shutting down much of America. This was the perfect opportunity to begin a live radio show from home, with a host who’s entertaining, funny, classy and smart! Unfortunately, the original host moved to Guam, and Mason was hired instead… hopefully he doesn’t disappoint.

Party Liveline is 100% LIVE every weeknight with giveaways, interaction, superstar interviews, hot music and unpredictable madness! Call or Text the show to get on with YOUR shoutouts, dedications and requests at 85-LIVELINE (that’s 855-483-5463 if you have a hard time seeing the letters on your tiny keypad).

Don’t miss the beat-to-beat mixes at the top of every hour, crazy contests like “Who Sings It?”, “Secret Sound” & “Lyrics in Reverse”, plus Liveline Rewind where we play an hour of your throwback requests, followed by Liveline Latenight where you’ll catch the breakthrough new music, cool remixes and a countdown of the night’s five most-requested songs. Then, wrap up your week when Mason runs down the 25 biggest songs in America every Friday. YOU are the star of this show, 7p-Midnight on HOT 101.9!